Hi and welcome to the Florida Keys Environmental Calendar, a place where all enviromentally-minded organization can have a central place to upload information on upcoming events, lectures, movies, etc to help promote preservation, restoration and sustainable use of the Florida Keys fragile ecosystem to develop community support, advancement of public awareness, education and outreach.

If you already have a username and password, go to the homepage, click under the META Sign In, type in username and password.

To post a flyer or PDF file to front page: On righthand side of Dashboard when signed in is QUICKPRESS, make ‘title’ of event, upload PDF or Pic from icon underneath title, type any extra info not found on flyer in box (not needed if flyer has all info), tag name of event, Key located on, or anything else someone might ‘Google’ to find the information. Click Publish. Done :)

To post to calendar: Look on Left Hand toolbar and click Calendar. Put in event information and follow directions.  Click Save.

-Kristen – Sanctuary Friends Foundation of the Florida Keys, Florida Keys Environmental Calendar